Close up of MME lequesne zebrina discolor inch plant

Delivery of my new tradescantia

What a way to start off this blog with a very much-awaited delivery of my new MME zebrina lequesne discolor (flame dance) tradescantia plant. I received one of these beauties a few months ago and instantly fell in love with it. The colours on this wandering jew are something from another world entirely, and another reason why they are my favourite house plant. So let’s go ahead with the unraveling below, and please imagine me like a child in a sweet shop unwrapping this gem of an inch plant.

Two for the price of one

Ok so by now I was very much excited to see that there were two parcels, and then I remembered that the seller of these tradescantias did mention a little extra for me, (maybe because I’m a good customer which isn’t a good thing for my bank account). I love getting wandering jew plants that are so well wrapped up when they arrive because you just know that they have been well looked after. I’ve opened some shockers of parcels to find half dead or worse tradescantia inside, so this kind of packaging fills me with joy.

Anyways, without getting too carried away, let’s get back to the main reveal and as you can see below I wasn’t disappointed. My tradescantia MME lequesne zebrina discolor made its way to my home very healthy and in one piece.

Tradescantia zebrina MME Lequesne discolor wandering jew unwrapped
Tradescantia MME Lequesne discolor zebrina (flame dance)

So when I removed the outer paper that was holding this gorgeous plant in its position, I found loose-filled packing chips around the leaves to stop them from being bent in transit. And then kitchen roll has been wrapped around the top of the soil to keep that in place too. Overall I couldn’t have been happier with this tradescantia MME Lequesne discolor (flame dance) zebrina. The leaves look in great condition, and the soil was still damp from its twenty-four-hour box up in the dark.

Healthy MME Lequesne discolor tradescantia

As you can see the spiderworts are both looking great and full of very healthy stems ready to keep growing. The freebie that I got is mostly middle cuttings so it will take a little bit of time to really begin to bush out. But with spring around the corner, it should look just as good as my other ones before too long. But just look at the colours which it has running through the leaves, and they change so much depending on the amount of light which the plant gets. So I’m going to try them in different areas around the house to see what results I get from them both.

Of course, I will keep you all updated on my finds and if you would like to purchase some wonderful cuttings of this tradescantia MME lequesne discolor (flame dance) from my main host plant then you can find them on my Etsy shop page.

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The Awaited Tradescantia Zebrina MME Lequesne Discolor (Flame Dance) Delivery

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