Tradescantia tiana, wandering jew house plant

What is the tiana tradescantia house plant really called?

Recently I got myself a tiana wandering jew plant, and I became aware of different names for this house plant. Now I am one of those people in life where I kind of want to know the truth and the history and knowledge behind everything that I have an interest in. And this was no different. So I began to do some research and ask tradescantia friends questions to get to the bottom of this.

Some swore blind that tradescantia tiana was the correct name, as some websites also agreed. But I wanted a definite answer to this and to be 100% sure to give you readers the right information too. And so the true answer was found.

Therefore welcome to the stage, callisia gentlei var. elegans. Its common name is striped inch plant but it is not a tradescantia. It does belong to the same family that tradescantia belongs to but it is not part of the genus. So I wanted to give you the right information here and mention it in my blog because of the great misconception. And even I bought into it because I have one in my collection too thinking it was a tradescantia tiana.

Tradescantia tiana, wandering jew house plant
Callisia Gentlei Var. Elegans house plant

Why is it sold as a tradescantia tiana?

I really can’t find the answer to this anywhere I look. I’ve asked and researched but when you look into both plant names they come back with the same results except for the name change. I’m not sure where the history of tiana came from but I for one will be labelling my house plant as callisia gentlei var. elegans.

It is a beautiful plant, and I purchased three cuttings of this at the beginning of spring. So within only a few months, this has grown so much and I’m so happy with the stunning white stripes along the leaves. And very happy to still have it as part of my house plant collection, even though it isn’t a tradescantia tiana.

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Tradescantia Tiana Isn’t Actually A Tradescantia At All

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