Tradescantia variegated blossfeldiana cerinthoides (lilac) delivery

The soil and dirt on the leaves of tradescantia from unpacking them from a delivery

A few days ago I received another delivery of both rooted and potted tradescantia, and also unrooted cuttings ready to go into some water. During this blog, I’m going to be talking about the sheer mess that some of the plants arrived in and how I cleaned them up to help them photosynthesize to grow into big plants.

Firstly not all tradescantia that I have ordered do arrive in such messy conditions. The first blog post that I wrote in fact shows how well some plants do come packaged, find out here. But for this blog, I couldn’t not show you the other side of the spectrum. And this isn’t to say that the tradescantia were damaged in any way, but they certainly needed a little bit of cleaning to start them off. So here’s what I received in the post.

Cleaning tradescantia to remove their dirt from the leaves

So as you can see the tradescantia arrived looking healthy but certainly need a bit of cleaning up before they were left alone by my hands for a while. Although this is what looks like a straightforward job, it becomes hard work when the leaves are so delicate with new growth and a little limp from their time in transit. But where there is a will there is a way and here’s what I did to get them looking tip-top again and ready to be welcomed into the rest of the tradescantia family.

Firstly I watered the tradescantia / inch plants when they arrived to keep them healthy and left the damp soiled leaves to dry out. There is nothing worse than trying to get damp soil off of anything, let alone the fuzzy leaves of a variegated sillamontana. I placed the plants in a bright area in my living room where they caught sunlight for an hour or two each day to begin their growth spurts. And this allowed a few days for the damp loose soil to dry out on the leaves too. Then it was time for action.

The perfect tool for the cleaning job

For every job to be carried out well you need the right tools. And for this particular tradescantia cleaning task, I brought in the big guns. My amazing sister kindly sourced me a mini tool kit for all house plant needs and in this kit, there was a mini paint brush which I have to be honest with you, I couldn’t wait to try out.

So as you can see the tool kit is pretty cool, and I will be delving into it more in the up-and-coming blogs I am certain of it. But for now, you can see the mini paint brush which came with the kit and in the background my slightly dirty-looking tradescantia quadricolor. It’s worth noting here that when it comes to cleaning your leaves, don’t forget about the underside of them too. I did to begin with and ended up having to do the same plant twice because I was dusting soil back into the leaves below all over again. A simple rookie error that could have been avoided.

The paintbrush itself has super soft bristles that didn’t damage the leaves while the cleaning took place on the tradescantia which was my main concern. But it worked a treat. And because the soil had dried up, it dusted off easily and without making too much mess either.

The results from cleaning my tradescantia leaves

You’ll be able to see the difference that cleaning the leaves made. The variegated sillamontana tradescantia was by far the hardest to clean with its fuzzy leaves but it was certainly worthwhile and it looks so much better than before. And with no damage done either. The quadricolor, multicolor discolor, and variegated blossfeldiana cerinthoides (lilac) inch plants all dusted up nicely too. So they’re all ready to be left alone for a while to settle in and start to grow some more before their pruning begins. And I can’t wait for that day already.

As and when I get extra cuttings of these tradescantia house plants, I’ll be posting them for sale on my Etsy page here for you all to pick up too.

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Cleaning My Tradescantia Mini Plants From A Recent Delivery

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