Nanouk tradescantia close up in the sunset light

Nanouk tradescantia thriving in my house

Hello, fellow plant lovers. It’s been a short while since my last blog and I couldn’t help myself from taking a serious photo shoot of my nanouk wandering jew this evening. I walked into my spare bedroom / office area and she just seemed to be glowing on the window sill.

Nanouk tradescantia close up in the sunset light

Now I’ve had some trouble getting my nanouk to grow and appear happy in my company and house. She very often turns brown and crispy, the leaves drop off, and overall she looks miserable. My mum has one too which I gave to her last year and she doesn’t look after it but it’s always looked happier and healthier than mine. Well… that was up until a few weeks ago.

I had a slight change of thought pattern with her. And man has it paid off. I put her on my window sill which I don’t usually do because then my tradescantia are in bright direct light, which isn’t their ideal growing conditions. However, on this occasion, it was the right thing to do.

Nanouk tradescantia close up in the sunset light

Since moving her into brighter light she’s growing no end. And better still, the leaves look healthier than before too. And then when I saw her this evening, I was like WOW! I need to share this with you guys because I had house plant pride at this moment.

Nanouk inch plant glowing like a pink gem

I’m sure you’ll agree that this little nanouk tradescantia is a thing of sheer beauty. She’s glowing like a neon light on the windowsill, and I can’t help poking my head around the door each time I walk past. You can see she’s got healthy new growth points too, as well as truly pink leaves shining through. I really couldn’t be happier with this transformation, and she’ll be staying firmly on the windowsill from now on knowing how much the nanouk likes sunlight.

It’s well and truly put a smile on my face this evening and I hope it does yours too. Comment below with your photos too, I want to see your sunsets inside.

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Nanouk Tradescantia And The Vibrant Pinks

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