Tradescantia EC-trade-2011, feeling flirty, sweetness house plant flowering close up

Sweetness / Feeling Flirty / EC-Trade-2011 tradescantia

This species of tradescantia or wandering jew plant has many names which are all approved to be used for the same house plant in question. I will mostly refer to my plant as ‘sweetness’ because it is the one that is most commonly used. But each of the other names ‘feeling flirty’ and ‘EC-Trade-2011’ tradescantia do apply to the same plant, just to save confusion.

The start of my flowering sweetness inch plant

One evening my tradescantia sweetness / feeling flirty / EC-Trade-2011 caught my eye. Not because of how much she had grown in the last few weeks, although it is quite a lot. This does remind me that she needs a good trim-up in the next few weeks too. But what I saw made me smile with joy because I hadn’t seen it before in this wandering jew plant. Imagine your sheer excitement if you came across these photos below but on your own wandering jew house plant.

Firstly let me apologize for the lighting in the photos. These were taken late at night just before I headed to bed. (A lot of my tradescantia collection is in my bedroom, not because I’m obsessed with these plants too much, but because it’s a south-facing room with great light). So as I walked into the room, I saw these little flower buds that haven’t been there before and I did have a little ‘eek’ moment.

Now, I’ve seen tradescantia flowers in photos online and in seller’s listings before, but I’ve never had the joy of one myself. In the last month, I’ve had my zebrina burgundy and pringlei both flower and it is making me feel like I might be doing something right. Maybe all the care has started to pay off and I’m loving it.

But I think what excited me more was that I was under the impression that most tradescantia flowers have either a pink or purple tone. So to see these little white buds I was over the moon. From that moment I was like a plant stalker keeping track of every millimeter of movement on this sweetness / feeling flirty tradescantia, and here’s how it all unfolded.

The next twenty-four hours of waiting impatiently

These were taken the following day, which means the lighting was so much better to show the colours off. As you can see the flowering buds of the sweetness tradescantia are still closed but not as tight as the previous evening. And in the light of day, it’s so much better to see just how many of these stems were starting to create the flower buds too. I think on this plant there were about half a dozen all ready to burst open, probably when I had my back turned for a minute.

I checked again that evening and there was no change, and the same went for the next morning too. These little sweetness / feeling flirty flowers on my wandering jew plant really were making me wait for the big unraveling.

The big unravel had arrived for my flowering sweetness tradescantia

But then it happened. When I got home from work that afternoon, they were on full show and it very much made my day seeing them in full flower.

Tradescantia EC-trade-2011, feeling flirty, sweetness house plant flowering close up
Tradescantia EC-trade-2011, feeling flirty, sweetness house plant flowering close up

Now I don’t know what you think about this, but I was so utterly delighted by the sight of this little flower. It’s true about the small things in life sometimes mean the most, and I’m ecstatic that I got a photo to be able to show you all. Because by the following morning, the flower had all but closed up and hasn’t re-opened since. However, it may have been short-lived but it was so worth the wait just to see this little beauty and hopefully it won’t be the last time the stunning sweetness tradescantia flowers.

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My Flowering Sweetness / Feeling Flirty Tradescantia

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2 thoughts on “My Flowering Sweetness / Feeling Flirty Tradescantia

  1. This is so lovely and I can’t believe how quickly it then disappears again. Super lucky to have seen it. I can’t wait for mine to show some time too! 🙂

    1. I know, they like to come out and then disappear very quickly, but since writing the blog many more buds have appeared and flowered too, so it’s kept my sweetness tradescantia looking beautiful for much longer than I thought.

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