The creator of Tradescantia Family UK

Hello there house plant lovers. My name is Zoe, and I am a jeweller by day for work, but a house plant and tradescantia-obsessed lunatic by night. That’s all there is to know about me. Ok well, not quite but that’s why you’re here on my blog page.

To be honest I haven’t always been this obsessed with plants. But houseplants have a way of casting a spell over you to want more and more until you have no room left in your house. Since buying my own house in 2021 I have been able to allow the obsession to truly take over and after dipping in and out of many species as my ‘favourite of the month’, I have settled on tradescantia remaining at the top of the list.

Why is Tradescantia my favourite houseplant?

That is a great question. And to be quite honest with you, I was never really a fan of the inch plant when I first began collecting house plants. I thought the tradescantia zebrina violet hill was pretty but there was nothing much else to it. And then it happened. It grew. Quickly. And before I knew it I had this waterfall of a violet hill pouring like coloured diamonds (I’m a jeweller, so expect this kind of metaphor) down my fireplace as the sun caught onto the purple and silver mix. I fell utterly in love with the plant over the summer. But I had no idea how to care for it best, or if I was even looking after it right.

And so I did what we all do. I googled everything I could about this plant and made it a new obsession to get the best from it. I quickly discovered that there are around 75 cultivars (types) of tradescantia. And that wandering jew, inch plant and spiderwort all meant the same thing. Who knew? From this, I learnt so much and that’s when I knew there was no turning back. I needed as many cultivars in my house as possible.

So then what happened?

I will tell you exactly what happened because you want to know more about me. I got myself another tradescantia and another. And then I realised that I already had another variety already in my house. What I thought was another violet hill actually turned out to be a burgundy (so many zebrinas to contend with). That’s when I got seriously into these plants. There were so many that were similar but also so different at the same time.

The more I looked the more I found and what became apparent was that there really isn’t all that much information out there about these houseplants. The tradescantia is one of the most popular house plants, and yet besides the basics, there’s not too much known about them. This intrigued me more, and so I started to think about writing a blog on my week-to-week life with these plants. I enjoy writing and I love to look back to see what I’ve done and how my plants have changed, grown, died, and flowered. It’s all the joy of having houseplants. And so my tradescantia family UK blog was born.

I began writing in March 2023 about my house plants and I’m loving every post, every photo I take, and every lesson I’m learning about these stunning creeping plants. So there you have it. That’s all about me and my tradescantia life. If you want to know more about my life in general then keep reading.

To be continued…