Let me introduce myself and my Tradescantia Family UK house plant blog

Zoe, creator of tradescantia family UK blog

Hello there, I’m Zoe, creator of this tradescantia family UK blog. Or journal as I like to think of it. Here I write and publish all that goes on in the world of my tradescantia family. It’s a growing collection of wandering jews that I have and it seems that there’s never a day that goes by where one isn’t flowering, or another delivery is arriving, or that very often they need a good prune.

So this is where I write about these tasks as well as talk about my Etsy shop UK and how I’ve come from having a hobby or obsession with these house plants to starting up my own online business and sharing these wonderful plants with others like myself. And when you have one species of tradescantia, take it from me it’s not long before you want them all.

Why am I writing blogs on tradescantia?

This is a question I very often ask myself but the simple answer is that I enjoy it. I started to love wandering jews as houseplants, but I had so many questions on so many different topics that I thought if I wrote about my own experiences I might be able to help someone else out too. And so the Tradescantia Family UK blog was made. I would buy a spiderwort and then wonder about how much to water the plant, or get confused between cultivars (I still do to be fair), and think about how to cut the houseplant and how often. All kinds of silly questions came to me, and the internet is amazing but even I struggled to find a lot of information about these beautiful plants.

And so it only made sense to start my own blog to see if I could shed some light on these whether that be through my own mistakes or my own triumphs. What I write about is from my own personal experience and so I do not by any means suggest being a guru on tradescantia. But I hope some of what I write makes sense, and feel free to reach out if you have a question in the comments below to see if we can work it out together.

I have a genuine interest in these house plants, and overall I just love writing about them and the joy that they bring to me.